Your work environment should be in a separate room, ideally in a quiet place and away from common areas. You can adapt the tips we offer to what suits you best. We encourage you to make the most of your new home office.

1. Define a specific working place.
If and when you have the possibility to do it elsewhere, you must deal with the temptation to work on the sofa, bed or kitchen, since to favor concentration and performance it is necessary to clearly delimit in which specific part of your house you will always work. It is preferable that the space you choose is far away from televisions and transit areas, to avoid distractions and interruptions.
2. Look for good lighting.
Something very simple and obvious, but sometimes because of the distribution of spaces or the orientation of the houses it’s not always possible, you should ensure that the workplace is near a window that lets in natural light, or at least have good artificial lighting.
3. Harmonious colors and smells.
To facilitate calm and concentration, it is important to be in an environment that is not too strident. The walls should be in a color that motivates and inspires you to get going and work. It is also advisable to keep a chromatic harmony with the rest of the furniture and elements of your office.
On the other hand there are the smells, which also influence your mental activity and mood, so you can play with aromatherapy: citrus scents for memory and good mood, mint for energy, and rosemary and jasmine for positivity and tiredness.
4. Ergonomics.
A good table and a good chair are essential. The computer should occupy the main position on the table and be placed in front of you, although if the table is big enough to support your forearms and wrists you can place it to one side, trying to be able to handle it without turning your neck or trunk. You should place the screen as far away from you as possible, at a minimum distance of 40 cm.
5. Keep your space well organized.
Order is essential for working in good conditions and for concentration and creativity to flow. Take the time to organize your workspace in a way that helps you to stay focused and use elements that allow you to store and classify your material and documents in an organized way.
6. Create a relaxation corner.
It has been proven that people are more productive and imaginative if they incorporate moments of relaxation in their work activity. Create a small space for reading and relaxing, to achieve a peaceful environment and distract yourself, something you will need if you are going to work alone for many hours.
7. A touch of green.
The simple presence of plants can bring you surprising benefits: living with fresh plants and flowers can help you feel healthier and with more energy to perform your daily activities as it improves attention and concentration causing you to become more productive, besides making your desk much more fresh and beautiful.
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