One of the keys to avoid accumulating things at home is to make a list of those items that you MUST have at home, from a good set of dishes to a toolbox.

This list will help you prioritize what is indispensable and be able to discard everything that is not useful. So, what should you have at home?

Starting with the kitchen, a good set of dishes is a must, whether for everyday use or for entertaining guests. Likewise, a complete set of cutlery is essential, as well as appliances in good condition to prepare dishes. In terms of organization, a pantry cabinet for storing containers and food is a must.

On the other hand, a comfortable sofa is essential in the living room, either to rest or to receive visitors. Also, a coat rack to place coats and bags, as well as a coffee table to place drinks and snacks and, why not, include a bar cabinet to store your wines.

In the bedroom, a sturdy mattress, a set of pillows and a set of quality sheets. A bedside table and a lamp are also a must, and if you add a dresser it will also be very useful.

In the case of the bathroom, a set of towels and a non-skid mat are essential. Also, a mirror and a cabinet to store everything you need.

Nowadays many people work from home, so the home office is a space that should not be neglected, so a good desk, an ergonomic chair are basic. Also, a small bookcase, shelf or shelves are necessary to accommodate your books and files.

For decoration in general, it is best to opt for vases, flower vases, pictures or timeless figures, as well as plants that are easy to care for, whether indoors or outdoors. And if you have a garden, a portable grill is always useful for weekend meals.

A conventional or steam iron is essential for cleanliness, as well as an indoor clothesline, washing machine and dryer in good condition. Finally, the toolbox is an element that, although it is not necessary to be an expert, can help in an emergency to repair the damages of the home. At FM Furniture you can find a wide variety of furniture to complement your home and make sure you lack nothing.


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